Trucking Companies North Dakota

At present, trucking companies in North Dakota are facing a labor shortage which is continually worsened by the increased requirements in the Bakken Oil Fields. Simultaneously, the increasing need for truck drivers has made the state of North Dakota even more attractive to individuals who want to work as truck drivers. With these labor shortages, trucking companies in North Dakota are always looking to hire more qualified drivers, particularly in the western part of North Dakota where there is a huge need for the highly qualified truck drivers who are experienced in operating the semi-trailers. This has made North Dakota an extremely lucrative location for drivers who are looking to work for the best trucking companies.

The trucking industry in North Dakota always showed an elevated turnover speed. At the present, a lot of experienced drivers simply retire or transfer to other oil field occupations, thus only a few qualified replacements can be found, and that puts a potential driver in an excellent position to make more money in his chosen career.

Adding to the already high turnover rate for trucking companies in North Dakota is the reality that some individuals cannot handle being away from their family for a long time. Those who chose to move their family to North Dakota with them can benefit by working for a short haul trucking company in North Dakota because they have short routes and that allows their truck drivers to go home every night. Of course, the demand for long-haul truck drivers is higher and can’t always be completely filled since many do not like the idea of being away from home for a long period, especially those who have families.

The majority of trucking companies North Dakota have high safety and experience standards. Many trucking companies have their own truck driving schools and training programs. Some may allow the newer truck drivers to gain experience while team driving instead of turning them loose on their own. Even though there are a lot of individuals applying as truck drivers at different trucking companies North Dakota, only a few of them will be accepted due to bad driving records, failed drug testing and limited experience.

Individuals who want to apply as a truck driver in one of the trucking companies North Dakota; it is a must to have a good driving record and enough driving experience in order to be accepted. Due to the driver retirement and shifting to other jobs, especially in the oil field, the demand for truck drivers is increasing, and due to the strict standards of trucking companies North Dakota, only few can get the chance to land the job as a truck driver, which makes North Dakota an ideal place to work if you have chosen truck driving as your career.

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